1. Nokia Premium Developer Program


    Breaking news: We’ve just finished collaborating with Gramafilm on this little job for Nokia. They came to us with a general concept and a tight 2 week deadline, and this is the fruits of our labour.

  2. At last



    At long last, it’s alive! Many thanks to the great Ed Symington who’s worked tirelessly to make our new site pixel perfect. 

    As you may already know, Young was founded in June 2009. Originally a creative agency, we have now changed our position to focus solely on our strengths as an illustration & animation studio. 

    Over the last year or so, we’ve been working with some fantastic agencies, bringing life to their ideas through illustration & animation, as well as a few of our own self-initiated projects; we’ll hopefully have a bit more of those to show you over the next few months.

    Well this is getting on a bit now so we’ll bid you farewell. We hope you like the brand-spanking new website and that you’ll keep revisiting our blog for future updates (we promise to try and keep it up to date!).